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Italy is one of the countries rich in culture, from music, sports, food among others. Thus, to enhance these cultural practices in this country, several events are held to commemorate them.

San Ranieri Historical Regatta
This event is held on 17th June where the patron Saint of Pisa is celebrated in Regatta. Boats that contain 8 oarsmen are used to represent the four areas of this city, St. Antonio, St. Martino, St. Francesco and St. Maria. The venue of the competition is on the Arno on an upstream stretch of 2 km. On the previous night, Luminara of San Ranieri is held where thousands of candles are hung to create a spectacle of unique beauty from the buildings.

Gioco Del Ponte
The renewal of the challenge of two Arno banks Mezzorgiorno and Tramontana is held on the last Sunday of June. Six teams from every hamlet engage in a challenge on the Mezzo Bridge by pushing a 70 ton heavy cart over the opponent’s line on a 50 meter rail.

Palio of the Ancient marine republic
Since 1955, this race has been used to commemorate the long existing rivalry in the ancient days between marine cities during the medieval times. This race took place in September 2006. Pisa, Venice, Genoa and Amalfi are the cities that dominated the Mediterranean. Identical boats are used each with 8 oarsmen though they differ in color and the emblems. The race is celebrated annually in each city and 2006 was Pisa’s year.

The international festival of holy music
This event takes place in the Cathedral. It was held from 14th September to 29th October in 2005 in Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. It is termed as the most important event in the history of Italy. Important compositions in the history of holy music are performed by renowned local and international choirs and symphonies.

Pisa Vini
This festival is held on the last weekend of November in the convent of Santa Croce. It is dedicated to production of red and white wines from this province. It encompasses a complete and rich exhibition on local wine where tasting and any other accompaniments can be done with traditional cuisine. Pisan gourmet products are also promoted during this event.

Volterra A.D. 1398
This event is held on the last week of August where one can immerse himself in the magical medieval atmosphere, one of the beautiful towns in Tuscany. The treasured manifestation is “Giornata di Fest nell’Anno Domini 1398”, which happens from dawn to dusk where reconstruction is done to look exactly like the 1398 medieval city that had markets, musicians, jewelers among others.

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