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For a real experience of the traditional Italian menu, visiting Pisa restaurants in Italy could serve right in quenching that thirst. Pizza is found everywhere in Pisa, and most visitors who come to the city find this menu very enjoyable here. The good thing about it is that many pizzerias are cheaply available except for the Campo dei Mirali tourist stalls. But one of the spectacular places in Pisa is Piazza dei Cavalieri, which apart from its affordable restaurants; it has some good sights to accompany the delicious menu. It is located to the north of Campo dei Mirali.

When one moves a little south of the economy class, there are good affordable restaurants also that offer more rounded meals. “Tavola caldas” are those restaurants that offer the take-away meals while the ‘rosticceria’ do the same but specifically for poultry and roast meat. For those normally considered the middle class, ‘osteria’ restaurants could be the best option. This is actually where many would go for a tasty meal and some palatable wine to top it up. But confirmation of the menu prices before ordering starts at this level of restaurants. You do not want to be surprised because some have shifted their prices upwards.

On the slightly higher side, we come across the quite expensive ‘Trattorie.’ These are the traditional restaurants that are usually run by families. But the high price comes with something special, and that is a homely Italian meal at its best. There may be limitations to the variety of dishes on the menu, but this is common with every nice thing in life.

Seasons also have an effect on the cuisine in the Pisa restaurants, as not everything is available every time. For example, there is more pasta and fish during summer and winter will have more meaty meals on the menu, since most of the weekends are spent in large game hunts. Some of the favorite dishes in Pisa are the Florentine steak, the boar stew and the Tuscan hare. Normally, before having any of these, one would have a ‘primo piatto’, usually of fish soup. For those who do not like this appetizer, there is the other option of a thick soup made of cabbage, vegetables and beans.

Generally, the wine in Pisa matches with the class of the meal, and a meal is usually long, sacred, and considered as a ritual. This is maintained in all the restaurants.

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